Safety when igniting firework

Safety when igniting firework

The holidays are almost here. A time to have fun and close the year with family and friends.

The holidays are almost here. A time to have fun and close the year with family and friends.

The holidays are almost here, a time to enjoy yourself and close the year with family and friends. However, it is also a time when you should be careful. Every year there are accidents with firework. To help you to not only celebrate the holidays festively, but also safely, we provide you with some important tips.


  • Never bundle or dismantle firework, experimenting with firework is extremely dangerous!
  • Keep firework in a dry and cool place out of reach of children;
  • Carefully read the instructions for setting of the firework;
  • Only buy firework at official points of sale.

Igniting firework

  • Only ignite firework outside! Prevent fire and injuries!
  • Do not wear flammable clothing;
  • Ignite a maximum of one piece of firework every time;
  • Do not ignite firework with your hand!
  • Always place decorative firework firmly and in a stable manner on a flat surface;
  • Always put arrows in a bottle, half filled with sand or water;
  • Put a PVC pipe in the ground for large fire arrows;
  • Always place firework boxes between 2 stones or use a firework clamp;
  • Be careful with sparklers for your children. It is a mistake to think this is cold firework. The burning part has a temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius!
  • Pay close attention to the wind direction;
  • Never ignite firework with a lighter, cigarette or cigar;
  • Keep sufficient distance, at least 6 meters;
Do you want to be sure you will not get any firework in your eyes? Use safety glasses!

After ignition

  • Never ignite firework that did not go off. The firework may explode immediately.
  • Always dispose of firework waste immediately after it has become innocuous.
  • You make firework innocuous by plunging it under water.

Also think about the decorations in and outside of the house. Place candles in a robust holder on a flat surface. Ensure there are no flammable decorations around it. If possible, do not light a decorative Christmas piece or in case you do, ensure the candle does not burn too far.

Do not leave your children alone with burning candles! Keep firework out of reach of children and pay close attention!

Check the wiring of your electrical lighting for damages and first test the lamps. Use a good and whole extension cord. Pull the plug from your lighting out of the socket before you leave the house.