Fire prevention tips

Fire prevention tips

In general, fire can easily be avoided by taking simple measures.

Fire can be easily avoided with simple measures.

  • Be careful with matches and lighters, keep them out of reach of children;
  • Be careful with steams of flammable matters, such as benzine, spirit or butane gas. Never bring these in contact with sparks or flames;
  • Keep a space of at least 15 cm between your walls and electrical devices such as your television, refrigerator and gas stove;
  • Always contact a professional in case of electrical failures or a blown fuse;
  • Prevent overloading of your electrical devices and ensure they are well grounded
  • Turn of your devices as much as possible when you leave your home (for a longer period of time)

A defect in the power supply is crucial. Incorrect connections or expansion of installations, too many users of the power supply in the distributor and humidity in devices often cause fire. Not all cables are equipped to feed large power collectors (e.g. your computer or refrigerator). Cables get too hot and melt if there is no way out for the heat and this can cause a fire.

  • Use your material well, have your installation checked on a regular basis by a professional and always use a professional when you want to expand or strengthen your installation;
  • Placing smoke detectors in your home or company is most certainly not a luxury and can safe lives!
  • Ensure you have sufficient fire extinguishers or a sprinkler installation in your company.
  • A fire extinguisher is strongly recommended for your home as well!
  • Don’t set any household waste or garden waste on fire, especially not next to your home. This is now illegal!
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Never smoke close to a flame, spray or other flammable materials;
  • Keep the surroundings of your home or company neat and cleaned and ensure the access paths are not blocked. In case of a fire, do not panic and act decisively.

In the kitchen

  • In case cooking oil catches fire in the kitchen, turn of the fire, move the lid so it is crooked on the pan and close the gas tap. Do not remove the pan, but close it with a lid or wet mop. Ensure to the flame is not aimed at you and protect your face and eyes with your other arm. Let the pan cool of and keep a lid on it, so the hot oil can’t catch fire again;
  • Never use water to extinguish fat or oil!

Gas cylinders

Check your gas pipe on a regular basis. Immediately replace your gas pipe in case of dehydration or small tears.

Do you smell gas?

  • Immediately turn of your gas stove!
  • Do not use matches or lighters and prevent sparks
  • Do not touch the light switch
  • Open the doors and windows
  • Trace the leak using soapy water

Never place a gas cylinder and a water pressure installation together in a closed space. There is a huge risk of explosion!

The regulator is not repaired, but replaced. Always transport and use a gas cylinder in an upright position.

Do you still have a fire? Immediately call the fire department!

Alarm number: 110