Motor Vehicle Insurance (W.V.I.)

Imagine yourself causing an accident with your car or motorcycle. When a third party is involved in this accident and suffers damage, you will be responsible for the financial consequences.

According to the law, motor vehicle insurance is an insurance required for every motor vehicle. In other words, contrary to many other types of insurances, this does not concern a type of insurance that gives you the choice to either acquire or not acquire the insurance when you are the owner of a vehicle. This insurance covers the liability of the insuree, the owner, the proprietor and the passenger of the vehicle, due to damages caused by the vehicle to persons and / or goods. The legal obligation to acquire such insurance is very effective since claims for damages are usually much higher than the insurance premium you pay for this insurance. Please note that the insurance does not cover possible damage to your own vehicle in case of an accident. To cover these damages you can opt to acquire CASCO Insurance in addition to the legally required WVI Insurance. Would you like to know the exact premium amount? Please click underneath to request a quote or you can send a WhatsApp text message to our mobile number 8165276