FATUM offers financial protection and wealth construction with a wide package of products and services, like damage insurances, life insurances and investment products.

FATUM is a leading insurer, that makes use of the possibilities to successfully work together, to contribute to a better future for customers and employees.

FATUM Schadeverzekering N.V.

For all your fire insurances, motor vehicle insurances, burglary insurances, glass insurances, liability insurances for professions, companies and individuals, trip insurances, accident insurances, mortgage etc.

FATUM Levensverzekering N.V.

This company, founded in 2003, has grown very positively since the founding of it. The following is currently included in our assortment:

  • Term life insurance
  • Savings insurance
  • Life insurances with decreasing capital

FATUM Investments N.V.

FATUM investments has one main goal: the investing of capitals in such ways that the risks are spread, the investing in a diversified wallet of financial investment ways and trading on international stock exchanges.
This society has brought her first product on this market on the 7th of March in 2006: the FATUM Suriname Fund. The FATUM Suriname Fund (FSF) is an investment fund that participates in the favorable developments in Suriname. But not only here, also in this region and even established economies like the United States of America, Europe and the Far East.


FATUM employs over 80 people at this moment. The headquarter is located on the Noorderkerkstraat in Paramaribo and we have additional offices in Kwatta and in Nickerie.

In the society

FATUM stands in the center of the society as a company and is a responsible approach to her customers, employees and the society.
We want to build a long term relationship with our customers. We are working on products and services, whom are improving and insuring their financial future. Obviously, we propose taking the needs and personal circumstances of the customer first. We are communicating open and fair, in an understandable language. We listen to the customer and we take the reactions and complaints very seriously. We are searching for solutions together.