FATUM introduces the World Travel Policy

FATUM introduces the World Travel Policy

02 December 2014

FATUM Schadeverzekering N.V. is pleased to announce that we offer a travel insurance that provides coverage thoughout Europe and / or the rest of the world. This insurance also meets the requirements of the Schengen regulations.

We are pleased that we are able to offer Surinamese travelers a complete product at a relatively low premium and lower costs.

FATUM offers its customers a comprehensive insurance with coverage in Europe and / or the rest of the world. This insurance provides coverage for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident or acute illness.

One of the great advantages of our insurance is that the insured does not have to pay anything for hospitalization. Everything is arranged by our collaborative partner in the Netherlands, the emergency relief center SOS International BV Only doctor visits and medications up to EUR 250 must be paid by yourself; this will be immediately reimbursed after declaration at FATUM Schadeverzekering NV Another advantage is that the customer is able to travel all over the world with this policy at a relatively low premium. The coverage of EUR 30,000 and the repatriation in case of medical necessity, which are required by the European Union in a visa application, are also among the coverage of the World Travel Policy.

This insurance does not only apply to the Schengen area and the whole of Europe, but if the customer desires to it also applies to the whole world.

For more information please contact the Department of Medical Miscellaneous insurances by FATUM Schadeverzekering NV