Travel - Travel Insurance without Flight Risk (T.W.F.R.)

1. Calculate premium

This insurance is ideal for travelling upcountry by road. It covers accidents, acute illness, acute dental procedures, additional expenses related to an acute condition and the transportation of corpses.

The amount of persons under the age of 69 x SRD 2,50 x number of days x 8% tax + policy costs SRD 10,00

Minimum premium = SRD 125,00 per trip

Maximum coverage 
A = death to SRD 75.000,00
B = permanent  disability SRD 15.000,00
C = medical assistance SRD 1.000,00

Premium calculation

Including 8% O.B. and policy fees.

Also note that the involved is an indicative premium calculation. They can be derived from any rights and such. The final premium may be influenced by, for example, customer discounts or market conditions.

Premium .. ..
O.B. .. ..
Policy costs .. ..
Total premium .. ..

2. Your information

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