In and around the house - Fire insurance structures / house

1. Calculate premium

If your home suffers damage due to fire, the financial consequences due to this damage can add up quickly. This is partly because you have to think about not only damage caused by the fire itself, but also the damage caused by firefighting, such as water damage. Your house could also possibly be damaged by smoke and soot. It is sensible to get a good insurance policy.

The fire insurance of FATUM provides good coverage in the event of damage to your house in case of fire, lightning and explosion. U can choose, among other things, for coverage for clean up costs. The coverage for glass is charge free with a fire insurance for houses.

Because the fire insurance does not provide coverage for damage to contents, we recommend that you take out a contents insurance also, so you are guaranteed a complete insurance in case of fire.

Premium calculation

Including 8% O.B. and policy fees.

Also note that the involved is an indicative premium calculation. They can be derived from any rights and such. The final premium may be influenced by, for example, customer discounts or market conditions.

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