Travel Cancellation Insurance

When you are planning a trip, you probably want to channel all your efforts on focusing on the trip itself. You would rather not consider the possibility that the trip might not go entirely as you planned it.

However, it is always possible that a trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. You can get sick or you are no longer able to leave on the planned date due to a death in the family. It is also possible that you do leave according to your original schedule, but have to cut your trip short. Whatever the reason, it is always inconvenient when you have to cancel a planned trip or have to return sooner than planned. Not in the least because of the financial consequences of these unforeseen changes in your travel schedule. With the Travel Cancellation Insurance of FATUM you are well covered against many of the additional expenses due to the unforeseen cancellation of your travel plans, so you can safely embark on your trip.