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1. Calculate Premium

Damage due to fire or lighting could go along with huge financial consequences. This is why it’s important to protect your company against risks like these. The FATUM fire insurance offers a coverage for damage due to fire or lightning. This insurance also offers coverage for other damage due to fire, like possible water damage due to firefighting. Costs caused by damage due to lightning without any fires caused by the lightning are covered with this insurance too.

Some examples of things you can insure are business premises, inventories, buildings under construction and vehicles. The premium depends on several factors such as location, use and destination. The insured amount should be updated regularly, because the inventory of a company changes alot. We offer you the opportunity to opt for clean-up costs.

Premium USD 0,00
O.B. USD 0,00
Policy costs USD 5.00
Total premium USD

Including 8% tax (if applicable) and policy costs

Please note that this is an indicative premium calculation, no rights can be derived from it. The final premium can, for example, be influenced by customer discounts or market conditions.

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