Corporate Legal Liability (C.L.L.)

When you have your own company, third parties can recover the damage from you that they suffered due to your company or product. This will have a number of financial consequences.

The Corporate Legal Liability Insurance (CLL) covers the liability of the insuree to third parties due to damage to persons and / or goods. This means that it concerns damage suffered by a third party you don't necessarily have a contract with, because this regards damage as a result of a wrongful act. This third party can claim the expenses related to this damage from you or your company due to wrongful acts or neglect when practicing the insured professional or operating the insured company. It is good to know that for the CLL it is indifferent whether the damage is either caused by you or one of your employees. The CLL offers excellent coverage or possible financial damage to your company. The insured capital will be determined in collaboration with the insuree and the insurance premium is calculated based on the total annual income of the company.