Construction All Risk Insurance (CAR)

As a contractor you have plenty issues to deal with on a daily basis. Are your employees coming to work on time? Does the construction still comply with the original timeline?

Your or your company's third party liability is probably one of the last things you would want to think about during construction. However, these risks are you seriously need to take into consideration. And although coverage or such risks is usually not required, such coverage is indeed required when you execute construction activities within the framework of government tenders or the State of Suriname. Our Construction All Risk Insurance offers good coverage in case of destruction or damage to the work. You are covered against expenses related to theft of the insured building materials and covered against damages to third parties during the execution of construction activities. You can also opt to insure the expenses related to the possible disposal in order to execute the work according to the plan. In short, this is quite useful, extensive and practical coverage or risks for contractors.